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Видеокурс Возрождение - Rebirth (2016)
28.01.2016, 18:16

Видеокурс Возрождение (Rebirth) - Если вы мечтали избавиться от предметов на фотографии и наоборот внедрить что-то новое на фото, то этот видеокурс для вас! Здесь будут использованы усовершенствованные методы для внедрения объектов и создания удивительных масок. Также будут использованы специальные методы соотношения цветов.

If you have ever needed to cut someone out of their background and place them onto a new one, this tutorial is perfect for you. We cover very advanced techniques for cutting objects out, and creating amazing layer masks. We also go over some special techniques for matching color.

- Cutting Objects Out
- Composite Theory
- Step & Repeat
- Custom Brushes
- Color Matching
- Pen Tool

PRO Photoshop Tutorial
In this advanced Photoshop Tutorial, we cover how to cut someone out of their bakground, reposition them, add body parts, blend them back into their background, and remove all distractions while we are at it, including an entire full length window. If that doesn?t sound awesome to you, chances are you have never tried to make someone float in a photo. You are going to learn about balancing a person?s pose to make them seem more natural, and how to transform the background to allow the person to interact with it.

Photo Shoot
This photo shoot was a ton of fun, and a bit scary. We are in an abandoned house, overgrown in the woods. Parts of the house are collapsing around us, and there is graffiti and broken glass everywhere. The concept was sketched out in depth before the shoot, so everyone knew what needed to happen. We decided to use the window light as a secondary light source, and a softbox as the main. If these lights are out of the shot, the can read the same as if a window were just outside of the frame.

Working with Light
There are a few great techniques that will allow light to look like it is spilling into a photo. This is a very popular look with photographers, as it gives a photo a lot more atmosphere. You can try to do this in camera, but often it is more effective to do it in Photoshop.

Learn How to Bring Your Subject Into Their Environment
When working with a concept such as this one, often it is very important to make a story, or at least have the photo make sense in some way. If you are going to be defying the laws of physics, that is ok, but you can?t ignore sense. For this photo in particular, I wanted the model?s hair to be very long, and supporting her. The hair has to come from SOMEWHERE. It would look silly just glued to the ceiling. For this you have a choice ? do you attach it to something on the ceiling, or force the viewer to ask where it is going. Often times this can have a lot more impact. I decided to cut a hole in the ceiling, and pass the hair through it. You will learn how to do that too.

Removing Distractions
Often times, it is not about what you decide to include in a photo, it is what you decide to exclude. If you don?t have an option during your photo shoot due to your environment or other factors, you have no option but to remove them in Photoshop. This process can be very difficult if you haven?t learned the tricks on how to make it easy. As you can see below, we removed an entire full length window. This makes the image quite a bit more simple, and keeps the viewer?s eyes on the subject.

Исходники имеются.

Название: Видеокурс Возрождение - Rebirth (2016)
Год: 2016
Жанр: Видеоурок, фотошоп, photoshop
Формат видео: AVI HD 720p | H.264 | 1673 кбит/с
Формат аудио: MP3 | 320 кбит/с | 48 кГц | Стерео
Продолжительность: 01:27:09
Язык: Английский
Размер: 1,07 Гб

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